"Les Tibidous" are three small characters with whom the children are going to learn, to enjoy and to resolve enigmae. The world of Tibidous is colored, cheerful, simple to use and very educational.

"Les Tibidous Eveil" is the first educational game of the collection.
This CD-ROM proposes to your child essential games to learn the alphabet, discover the seasons, the colors, the forms, the music, play with the words, count and learn to use the mouse and the computer.

Les Tibidous are 3 small friends for young children. They guide children on the road of the knowledge.

50 activities for the awakening of your child: a positive pedagogy in a sweet and warm

Adapted to the children from 2 years, CD-ROMs exist in family version or in version community (schools, media libraries).

young children french one player      
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Requirement :
-PC, Window 2000, NT, XP, 64 Mo RAM, 128 Mo hard disk space.

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