" Bonne-Etoile disappeared: from Cuba to Louisiana, leave on its tracks to the rhythms of the salsa, the reggae, the funk and the blues "

The various stages and the met characters will be the occasion to resolve enigmes which will put in the test alternately their sense of the observation, their capacity to count, to associate, to compare or to reconstitute.

Small playful exercises on which they can spend more time.

This second CD-ROM proposes to your child a playful and educational adventure: to live this adventure, your child will have to find objects and help the met characters.

More than 100 activities, 2 modes of game: a mode story and a mode to revise the educational notions and perfect.

Adapted to the children from 3 years, CD-ROMs exist in family version or in version community (schools, media libraries).

Requirement :
-PC, Window 2000, NT, XP, 64 Mo RAM, 200 Mo hard disk space, pentiumII.

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