SNAKE SENTENCE a new Word Game : Do you like the games of letters, words and grammar ?
Do you like Scrabble, Crosswords or Sudoku ? Then this new game is for you!

Play with Nina to find the secret sentence!
Use your logic to complete the grid, use your knowledge of the language to find the sentence.

If you know the alphabet, you can play SNAKE SENTENCE!
Find the letters of the grid and find the secret sentence before the end of the time!

To help you, use the indice, the 4 powers et the 3 bonus.

This new game is a NEW FUNNY WAY to PLAY WITH THE LETTERS, the words, the sentences and your LOGIC.

You can play on paper or on computer.

Snake sentence proposes:
-2000 puzzles (English and French)
-5 skills (3x3 to 7x7 grids)
-4 powers (vowells, path, case and all the letters)
-3 bonus (time slower, score and revert powers prices)
-3 cups, 4 challenges, 1 trophy
-1 training game

Gameplay copyright Teddy'sday

7 old and more English and French one player puzzle game  
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Important points :
-2000 puzzles (English and French), new game

Configuration minimal :
-Pentium III , Windows 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 128 Mo Ram, Hard Disk space: 200 MO, Carte son


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